We’ve recently taken delivery of a brand new Hoist 40/60 Extendable forklift, with an impressive 27,000kg lift capacity, This versatile forklift is almost identical to our tried and tested Versalift.

Adding this to our already specialist fleet of forklifts, Lorry loaders cranes and extendable trailers.

The new Hoist has removable counterweights to allow for multiple options to help access even the tightest of areas within our customer’s premises.

This extraordinary machine provides a vast range of capacity options with just the push of a button.

The innovative extendable counterweight frame is designed to provide stability at full capacity and extended load centres, yet is compact enough for manoeuvring in confined areas. Stackable counterweights and a removable hydraulic boom with a collapsible boom stand to allow for ease of transport, while quick-change forks optimize efficiency.

Equipped with a full radio remote, we can operate this safely and efficiently, allowing our drivers and staff to easily negotiate extremely tight areas.


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Hoist 40/60 Forklift

The new Hoist 40/60 lifting a 12,000kg casting mold.

more details to follow…….