At Blackmores Machinery Haulage Ltd we have been operating since 1992, which is over 20 years of experience, not including the combined experience of our staff which equates to 30 years. Now we are one of the top machinery-handling specialists in the South West that specialises in moving laundry industrial equipment including industrial laundry machines.

We have the equipment and experienced staff to move commercial laundry equipment, both small and large, for you. Our team consists of commercial equipment moving experts, who are highly skilled and will handle your equipment with care and precision. Our winning team of machinery-handling specialists will get the job done right.

Your industrial commercial laundry machines can even be dismantled and reassembled if the job requires it, as our team are proficient in such a task. The extraction and installation of your laundry machines will also go smoothly, thanks to the level of experience from each and every member of our team.

We have not only built up a team of dedicated movers, but we have also improved our vehicles. The simple yet effective machine of 1992 has gone and has been replaced with a fleet of sturdy industrial laundry machine movers. You can rest easy knowing that our team has been entrusted with millions of pounds worth of machinery each month, and each piece of machinery arrives at their destination in the same condition they left the first. Just for reassurance, we also have fully insured goods in transit so that your equipment is covered if an unforeseen event occurs.

If you have any industrial laundry machines that need moving you know who to contact. We also offer free quotations, so if you are unsure if we are the right team for you, we can help you out.