The Versa-Lifts are a compact forklift with an incredible lift capacity. The Versa-Lift achieves this with an extendable counterweight at the rear, allowing this small-sized forklift to out-lift and out-perform most standard forklifts.

At Blackmores Machinery Haulage Ltd we are one of the first in the South West, UK to own and use this specialist piece of equipment. Purchased and shipped directly from the United States, with only a few thousand in the world we are proud to have added the Versa-Lift to our already extensive fleet.

The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely with a lift capacity of up to 16 or 27 tonnes. This incredible piece of equipment can carry more than its own weight. The Versa-Lift’s relatively small size allows for operations inside factories and buildings with minimal disruption.

We offer versa-lift rental for short and long term contracts – whether you need a long-term hire for a warehouse or a day hire to move new equipment – we are happy to oblige. Contact us today for a free quotation.

We can supply Versa-lifts and drivers for all your requirements;

All our versa-lifts:

– Are ideal for lifting heavy items in confined spaces

– Offer unparalleled positioning

– Have up to 16 or 27 tonne lifting capacity

– Are serviced, maintained and certified to meet legal requirements

All our operators:

– Are Fully trained with the Versa-lift

– Are fully insured

– Can use jib and forklift attachments where needed

Our versa-lifts are our most popular forklift hires and are exceptional pieces of machinery. With the high lift capacity and compact size they can do jobs normal forklifts simply can’t.

Contact us today to hire a versa-lift extendable forklift.